Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have sensitive skin?

I use surgical steel and silver- or gold-plated unless otherwise noted, but although these are considered hypoallergenic, they can still affect people with sensitive skin. If you are worried about this, please email or DM me because I might be able to upgrade to sterling or gold-filled for an extra charge.

Do you offer other types of posts/hooks or clip-ons?

I do! I understand that not everybody can do every type of earring. Please email or DM me to discuss your options. Precious metal upgrades (sterling silver or 14/20 gold filled) are sometimes available, and are subject to an extra charge.

I have a few types of clip-on earring findings available. Earrings made with hooks can definitely be changed out or upgraded, and can also be moved to posts. However, precious metal post options are extremely limited.

Earrings made with posts can probably be changed to hooks, although you run the risk of losing the cabochon (the piece on the post), which is often a big part of the design. I do have some hooks that can accommodate the cabochon, but very few options in precious metals that can.

What does ''OOAK'' mean?

One of a kind! It will be yours and yours alone! There are a few reasons something would be marked OOAK:

1. An item is made with beads and/or components that are one of a kind themselves--so once they are used, that's it!

2. I had only enough of one or more of the beads/components to make the one item.

3. Even though I *could* technically make the item again, I won’t. When I deem something OOAK, it means I won't make it again for anybody else, even if it's globally revered! (I might make something similar that is inspired by it, though!) This means if your OOAK item gets lost, it is possible I could recreate it, or come close.

When a listing is made with something marked “vintage,” what does that mean?

I use TONS of vintage beads (and sometimes even findings) in my jewelry. I love working with resin/lucite/acrylic, but lets face it, this is all plastic! I prefer not to use newly manufactured plastic beads because we all use and dispose of enough plastic just LIVING in this world!! There are some exceptions, but I try to stick to vintage as much as I can. Plus the colors can be so much more interesting! If I designate a component of my jewelry as “vintage” in the description, that means that the item is from the 20th century. I have beads of all materials from the 20s through the 90s! Almost all of this is "new old stock" or "deadstock" (never used before, but old). Some has been salvaged or repurposed. If I know the provenance of the beads/components, I will include it in the description.

You used to have something that I don't see anymore! Any chance I can still get it?

If you remember something/saw it on Instagram, or see something in my sold Etsy listings, there is a chance that I can still offer that item! I cannot guarantee this for everything of course, but please don't hesitate to email or DM me and ask! The only definite exception would be if it is a listing marked as one of a kind (OOAK). But even then, hit me up, and perhaps I can come up with something similar. ;)