s'been awhile

2020 has been WILD.

In early January I lost my sweet stepdad, and I was spending all my spare time after work and on weekends with my mom. And then the ‘rona tore us apart! She and I are lucky to both have our jobs, and we are each working from our respective homes. I go over about once a week (on the same trip as my curbside pickup from @calorganics) to talk to her from the yard, visit with the doggie, and pick up her tiny bag of garbage (she doesn’t have pickup service yet). She is doing well! 💛

I wanted to share why I haven’t been too focused on the shop this year, and that’s why!

SO! I put earrings in the shop on sale (20% and 50% off), and now every item has free shipping. I’ll just leave it this way for the time being! I actually have been making some stuff too, and I think I will be posting and selling them from my Instagram account whenever the urge hits. 😉

Again, I am working, so I’m urging those of you who CAN spend extra money right now to support full time artists first! But I wanted to offer some savings and loooove to everybody.

Love from Min and me,